In the process of receiving the benefits that you deserve, you may want to know the benefits of having an expert on your side! Our authorized representatives have helped many people through the filing process, and they will know exactly what you need. Filling out paperwork can be an overwhelming task, but our representatives will walk you through each step, making it painless. They can even help you find the documents you will need to submit for approval.

Once you designate your representative, they are able to handle the hard parts for you! They can handle your claims directly with the Department of Labor, meaning they are able to submit requests, objections, and have access to any documentation you need to file.

The claims process generally takes up to six months. However, in some cases, we are able to expedite the process if you are in dire need of services. As your authorized representative we will always try to get you your benefits as fast as possible. It can be frustrating to file your claims alone, so we would love to help you as best we can.

In order to be eligible for benefits, a doctor must first diagnose you with a DOL accepted covered condition. We would love to help you receive the benefits you are entitled to. Please contact us for any questions regarding your benefits or eligibility!

Eligibility for medical benefits under the EEOICPA is based on the medical necessity created by your accepted conditions and is subject to approval by the Department of Labor.