Sometimes buying or selling homes can pose many different and important choices. It can be difficult to make these huge, long-term decisions as a senior. There is a very helpful article that we recommend you turn to:

A Senior Citizen's Guide to Home Loans and Reverse Mortgages - JVM Lending

Can an individual ever be too old to buy a home? The answer is an emphatic no; you're never too old to buy a home. If you have the money, or qualify to get a home loan, there is no age limit for buying a new home.

In this article, they start by looking at the most common hurdles: predictable, regular income streams, narrow availability of homes that meet your mobility needs, realtors that aren’t up for the job, and more.  They then address the question: Can you even get a 30-year mortgage as a senior? Finally, they cover the types of mortgages commonly marketed to seniors and talk about some of the financial mistakes that retirees make.

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